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Art Deco Platinum Diamond Sapphire Clip Brooches

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SKU: #87138

Art Deco Platinum Diamond Sapphire Dress Clips

Product Description

These double clip brooches are from the Deco period are are gorgeous. The Diamonds are very white I assume F or G and VS and approximately 2.0 carats, the Sapphires are pure blue and I do not see inclusions. These weigh 13.0 grams and measure 1 " x 1 3/4" there are 9 round Sapphires on each clip for a total of 18 Sapphires stones at at 0.10 each for a total of 1.80 carats in Sapphires.
All done in platinum unfortunately the back base that holds them together is no longer available but if wanted it can be remade.


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